Same-sex couples legal protection

30 November 2018

Legal protection of the LGBT families in Poland is still very limited. Same-sex couples do not have a possibility to get married or enter into a civil partnership. It is only natural, that they build their family life abroad, in countries where all their rights are equally assured. We specialize in the provision of legal assistance to such couples, especially in cross-border cases, that require not only the knowledge of Polish law, but also European Union and international law, as well as national law of countries where same-sex couples decide to formalize their relationship.


Among others, we specialize in the following cases:

  • entering into civil partnership or marriage abroad and change of last name in Poland – we provide legal advice on the possibility of entering into a civil partnership and marriage abroad; we also conduct proceedings in cases of recognition in Poland of such marriages and partnerships, as well as proceedings concerning the change of surname to the name of the partner;
  • power of attorney, property relations between partners and wills – we help to secure legal relations between people living in same-sex marriages in Poland, in particular by formulating detailed power of attorney documents, agreements that regulate property rights and wills.

Our experience:

  • changing the last name to same-sex partner’s last name or adopting the common name by a same-sex couple,
  • transcription – transposition of foreign marriage certificates to the Polish register of civil status [more about one of our cases];
  • marriage equality – proceedings aimed at enabling same-sex couples to get married in Poland [more about the Coalition for civil partnership and marriage equality].


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