Milena Adamczewska-Stachura

5 April 2022
Milena Adamczewska-Stachura

In the Department of Equal Treatment in the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights, she was responsible for all cases concerning the protection of LGBTIQ rights, including individual complaints and representing the Ombudsman in strategic litigation proceedings, i.a. the cases against the so-called “LGBT-ideology free resolutions”.

She is fluent in English and has a communicative command of French.

She is a co-author of several publications on the legal situation of LGBTI persons in Poland, including:

– Legal gender recognition proceedings – a guide for judges and attorneys (link:

– Legal situation of LGBT persons in Poland (link:

– Recommendations on the legal recognition of same-sex relationships and parenthood, for the European Union, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia (link:


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