We are a law firm specializing in the protection of the rights of LGBT people

We treat each case entrusted to us by our clients as an opportunity to make their world a safe and just place to live

Knut Mazurczak

Our services

Same-sex couples legal protection

We provide legal support to same-sex couples who wish to enter into a civil partnership or marriage abroad or secure their legal situation e.g.in the event of death.

Legal protection of children

We provide legal support in securing the legal status of children born through in vitro fertilization (IVF) and surrogacy, including in LGBT families.

Discrimination and hate crimes

We support victims of discrimination, in particular on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity, e.g. in employment, access to services, healthcare or education, as well as victims of crimes motivated by prejudice, including hate speech.

Transgender persons cases

We represent transgender persons in legal gender recognition procedures. We also provide legal assistance in administrative proceedings in cases concerning amending the birth certificate on the basis of a foreign document.

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Anna Mazurczak

Advocate, member of the Warsaw Bar Association. Vice-Chairwoman of the Human Rights Section at the Bar Council in Warsaw, member of the Human Rights Commission at the Polish Bar Council. Board member of the Polish Society of Anti-discmination Law.

Paweł Knut

Advocate, member of the Warsaw Bar Association, Human Rights Section in the Bar Council in Warsaw, as well as the Committee of Experts in the Polish National Preventive Mechanism at the Office  of the Commissioner for Human Rights. Staff member of the Campaign Against Homophobia. Winner of the special award in the Rising Stars – Lawyers – leaders of tomorrow 2019 competition.



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